From Guadalajara Jalisco
Preserving an art inherited from generation to generation






"The sound of the bell is considered -the voice of God- which, when is heard, leads the soul beyond the confines of the mundane." - Conti González Baez.

In “San Juan Bellfoundry” we offer different qualities, specializing in the high quality bell in which we guarantee a great sound and durability.

Rotating Bells

A cheerful and encouraging sound can be achieved thanks to the use of bells. We have traditional presentations with wooden or metal yokes. We offer double or simple rotating bells.

Rotating bells with electric system

We put at your disposal rotating bells with an electrical system, which provides the opportunity to activate them in the place of your choice. We offer full-turn or half-turn, double or single electric spinning.

Automation system

We combine technology with the tradition of bells and we put at your fingertips a sophisticated automation system, which gives you the opportunity to program your bell ringing on day, month and time of your choice.

Symbol of several communities

Quality, tradition and distinction are words that define San Juan Bell Foundry. We are a company located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. We keep preserving an art inherited from generation to generation, which has given voice to the towers of both chapels and cathedrals.

Over the years we have done countless jobs that have become the symbol of several communities. Currently, we continue with this tradition providing always quality both in product and service, through personalized attention and the use of new technologies.